Geomagnetism and Palaeomagnetism Cover

Geomagnetism and Palaeomagnetism

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401068963,9789400909052 | 1989 | English | pdf | 380/366 pages | 10.4 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: A. De Santis, D. J. Kerridge, D. R. Barraclough (auth.), F. J. Lowes, D. W. Collinson, J. H. Parry, S. K. Runcorn, D. C. Tozer, A. Soward (eds.) | Edition: 1

This volume presents lectures given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute held 11-22 April 1988 at Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The aim of the Institute was to improve the interaction between workers in observational geomagnetism (using historical data) and archaeo- and palaeo-magnetism (using the remanent magnetization of man-made artefacts and of natural sediments and rocks) and those trying to interpret the data in terms of mechanisms inside or outside the Earth, particularly those developing dynamo theories of the field. The material discussed ranged from magnetic bacteria swimming round a circle in a few seconds, the effect of El Nino, through secular variation with time scales of tens to thousands of years and the'mechanics of individual field reversals and excursions (aborted reversals?) to possible modulation of average reversal frequency on the hundred million year time scale. Many members of the Physics Department helped with the organization, and we are most grateful to them, and in particular to Anne Codling for her very many contributions. We also gratefully acknowledge the painstaking work of Aileen Dryburgh and Lynn Whiteford in so carefully typing the manuscript.

Geomagnetism and Palaeomagnetism

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