Atlas of Synovial Fluid Cytopathology Cover

Atlas of Synovial Fluid Cytopathology

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401057028,9789401138284 | 1991 | English | pdf | 140/138 pages | 13.9 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: A. J. Freemont MD, FRCP(E), MRCPath, J. Denton MSc (auth.) | Edition: 1

Like all specialized areas of medicine, that of joint disease informative. The techniques, practical and interpretive, has become surrounded by a practical mystique and are highly reproducible and simple, allowing them to be applied in any laboratory. jargon specific to itself. The number of clinicians working Although we see this volume as being of value to all in the field is large but the number of pathologists small. interested in joint disease it is specifically aimed at It follows that the majority of pathologists are at somewhat laboratory staff wishing to offer a synovial fluid analytical of an immediate disadvantage when discussing and ana­ service. Like most cytology we believe much of the cell lysing articular problems with their rheumatological and and non-cell identification and quantitation can, and orthopaedic colleagues. should, be undertaken by trained technical staff. The book In the specific area of synovial fluid examination the is therefore aimed primarily at two groups: pathologists difficulties for the pathologist are compounded because who do not specialize in joint disease and technical staff to date there have been no basic texts that detail the who will be generating the data on which interpretation methods, findings and interpretation of the macroscopic will be based. It is therefore both a text book and a bench and microscopic characteristics of the fluid in the common reference manual. arthropathies. In this book we hope to go some way We do not believe our data or methodology represent towards rectifying this omission.

Atlas of Synovial Fluid Cytopathology

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