Poultry Feed from Waste: Processing and use Cover

Poultry Feed from Waste: Processing and use

ISBN/ASIN: 9781461361404,9781461526544 | 1994 | English | pdf | 438/445 pages | 9.75 Mb
Publisher: Springer US | Author: A. R. Y. El Boushy, A. F. B. van der Poel (auth.) | Edition: 1

In developed market economies with intensive animal production systems, such as The Netherlands, many new feedstuffs have been introduced as part of the diets of ruminant and monogastric animals. These new feedstuffs are often by-products of human food processing. It is important that these by-products and also the by-products from wastes are properly evaluated with regard to the possibilities of incor­ porating them into livestock diets. Research on the subject of feed from waste, its processing and its use in the nutrition of poultry has increased considerably during the last decade. The Department of Animal Nutrition of Wageningen Agricul­ tural University (WAU), Wageningen, The Netherlands, in close co­ operation with the Poultry Feeding and the Processing Industry, has been active in this field. In order to update research and to expedite further work in this field, a comprehensive review of the literature on the subject of feed from waste was made. Such a study would not only bring the industry up to date on the subject but could also indicate specific topics which may be of great value for developing market economies. Poultry scientists and technologists suggested that a review would fill a need as a reference and textbook, not only for the industry but also for undergraduates and graduates of agricultural colleges and extension services all over the world.

Poultry Feed from Waste: Processing and use

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