Selective Bronchial and Intercostal Arteriography Cover

Selective Bronchial and Intercostal Arteriography

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1. Would a better understanding of the anatomy and improvement of the method make it possible to reduce the percentage of failures sufficiently to earn selective arteriography of bronchial and intercostal arteries a place among the accepted methods of selective arteriographic investigation? 2. Can indications for such selective arteriographical investigations be formulated? The answers to these questions were considered to offer a basis for the evaluation of the clinical contribution to be expected of this method. In designing this research project, we started by making a detailed study of the radiological and anatomical literature. I I LITERATURE 11.1. PART I -RADIOLOGY Wide bronchial arteries can be demonstrated by conventional radiological methods. CAMPBELL AND GARDNER (1950), CSAKANY (1964) and KIEFFER ET AL. (1965) described characteristic pictures seen on normal X-ray's and RICHTER (1965) those seen on tomograms of the thorax. TAUSSIG (1947) and SEGERS AND BROMBART (1953) established typical impressions in the esophagus. Some of these authors, including CAMPBELL AND GARDNER (1950) and GARUSI (1961), saw wide bronchial arteries on venous angiocardiograms, but direct study of the bronchial arteries can only be done by arteriography, which still has a rather brief history. Research has been done in dogs and in man; only the latter will be discussed.

Selective Bronchial and Intercostal Arteriography

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