A Textbook of Modern Toxicology, Third Edition Cover

A Textbook of Modern Toxicology, Third Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9780471265085,9780471646778 | 2004 | English | pdf | 553/553 pages | 5.21 Mb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Toxicology is the science of poisons, embracing the physical and chemical study of all the known poisonous substances, as well as the methods of testing for them, their action on the living body, and the postmortem results they occasion. The Third Edition of this benchmark text once again proves the most authoritative resource on the subject for both students and practicing professionals.
Chapter 1 Introduction to Toxicology (pages 1–12): Ernest Hodgson
Chapter 2 Introduction to Biochemical and Molecular Methods in Toxicology (pages 13–22): Ernest Hodgson, Gerald A. Leblanc, Sharon A. Meyer and Robert C. Smart
Chapter 3 Toxicant Analysis and Quality Assurance Principles (pages 23–29): Ross B. Leidy
Chapter 4 Exposure Classes, Toxicants in Air, Water, Soil, Domestic and Occupational Settings (pages 31–48): W. Gregory Cope
Chapter 5 Classes of Toxicants: Use Classes (pages 49–74): W. Gregory Cope, Ross B. Leidy and Ernest Hodgson
Chapter 6 Absorption and Distribution of Toxicants (pages 75–110): Ronald E. Baynes and Ernest Hodgson
Chapter 7 Metabolism of Toxicants (pages 111–148): Randy L. Rose and Ernest Hodgson
Chapter 8 Reactive Metabolites (pages 149–161): Randy L. Rose and Patricia E. Levi
Chapter 9 Chemical and Physiological Influences on Xenobiotic Metabolism (pages 163–202): Randy L. Rose and Ernest Hodgson
Chapter 10 Elimination of Toxicants (pages 203–211): Gerald A. Leblanc
Chapter 11 Acute Toxicity (pages 213–224): Gerald A. Leblanc
Chapter 12 Chemical Carcinogenesis (pages 225–250): Robert C. Smart
Chapter 13 Teratogenesis (pages 251–259): Stacy Branch
Chapter 14 Hepatotoxicity (pages 261–272): Ernest Hodgson and Patricia E. Levi
Chapter 15 Nephrotoxicity (pages 273–278): Ernest Hodgson and Patricia E. Levi
Chapter 16 Toxicology of the Nervous System (pages 279–297): Bonita L. Blake
Chapter 17 Endocrine System (pages 299–315): Gerald A. Leblanc
Chapter 18 Respiratory Toxicity (pages 317–325): Ernest Hodgson, Patricia E. Levi and James C. Bonner
Chapter 19 Immunotoxicity (pages 327–342): Mary Jane K. Selgrade
Chapter 20 Reproductive System (pages 343–349): Stacy Branch
Chapter 21 Toxicity Testing (pages 351–397): Helen Cunny and Ernest Hodgson
Chapter 22 Forensic and Clinical Toxicology (pages 399–409): Stacy Branch
Chapter 23 Prevention of Toxicity (pages 411–421): Ernest Hodgson
Chapter 24 Human Health Risk Assessment (pages 423–438): Ronald E. Baynes
Chapter 25 Analytical Methods in Toxicology (pages 439–461): Ross B. Leidy
Chapter 26 Basics of Environmental Toxicology (pages 463–478): Gerald A. Leblanc
Chapter 27 Transport and Fate of Toxicants in the Environment (pages 479–499): Damian Shea
Chapter 28 Environmental Risk Assessment (pages 501–517): Damian Shea
Chapter 29 Future Considerations for Environmental and Human Health (pages 519–524): Ernest Hodgson

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