Chemoreceptors in Respiratory Control Cover

Chemoreceptors in Respiratory Control

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401511575,9789401511551 | 1987 | English | pdf | 408/421 pages | 5.25 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: A. Verna, N. Talib, A. Barets (auth.), J. A. Ribeiro, David J. Pallot (eds.) | Edition: 1

List of Participants 1 Hypoxia-Induced Intermitochondrial Junctions in the Rabbit Carotid-Body : An Ultrastructural and Experimental Study. A. VERNA. N. TALIB and A. BARETS. 11 Ultrastructural Studies of the Cat Carotid Body Perfused for Short Periods with Physiological Saline Solutions. R.G. O'REGAN. M. KENNEDY. D. COTTELL and S. FEELY. Morphological and Biochemical 19 Characteristics of the Laryngeal Nerve paraganglia. A. DAHLQVIST. S. HELLSTROM. B. CARLSOO. J.M. PEGUIGNOT and S. DOMEIJ. 29 Central Terminations of Carotid Body Chemoreceptor Afferents. D. JORDAN. S. DONOGHUE. R.B. FELDER and K.M. SPYER. 39 Vascular Geometry of Arterial Chemoreceptors: Learning about the Caritud Body by Studying paraganglia of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve D. M. McDONALD and AMY HASKELL. Altered Function of Cat Carotid Body 50 Chemoreceptors in Prolonged Hyperoxia. S. LAHIRI. E. MULLIGAN. A. MORASHI. S. ADNRONIKOU and M. SHIRAHATA. 59 Glycolysis as a Link for Chemoreception? MARCO A. DELPIANO. Spectrophotometric Studies on Carotid 69 Body Tissue. H. ACKER. C. EYZAGUIRRE. ATP Content in the Cat Carotid Body 78 under Different Experimental Conditions. Support for the Metabolic Hypothesis. A. onESO. L. AL~ffiRAZ and C. GONZALEZ. 91 pathways for Calcium Entry into Type I Cells: Significance for the Secretory Response. A. OBESO. S. FIDONE and C. GONZALEZ. Effects of Cyanide and Acetylcholine on 99 Extracellular K+ and Ca++ Activities in the Cat Carotid Body. R.G. O'REGAN and H. ACKER. Application of the Chemiluminescent 108 Method to Carotid Body for Detecting Choline and Acetylcholine. ARCADI GUAL and JORDI HARSAL.

Chemoreceptors in Respiratory Control

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