Smart Environments  Technologies, Protocols, and Applications Cover

Smart Environments: Technologies, Protocols, and Applications

ISBN/ASIN: 9780471544487,9780471686590 | 2004 | English | pdf | 407/407 pages | 3.41 Mb
Author: Albert Y. Zomaya(eds.)

Smart Environments contains contributions from leading researchers, describing techniques and issues related to developing and living in intelligent environments. Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the design of smart environments, the topics covered include the latest research in smart environment philosophical and computational architecture considerations, network protocols for smart environments, intelligent sensor networks and powerline control of devices, and action prediction and identification.Content:
Chapter 1 Overview (pages 1–10): Diane J. Cook and Sajal K. Das
Chapter 2 Wireless Sensor Networks (pages 11–46): Frank L. Lewis
Chapter 3 Power Line Communication Technologies (pages 47–62): Haniph A. Latchman and Anuj V. Mundi
Chapter 4 Wireless Communications and Pervasive Technology (pages 63–99): Marco Conti
Chapter 5 Middleware (pages 101–127): G. Michael Youngblood
Chapter 6 Home Networking and Appliances (pages 129–149): Dave Marples and Stan Moyer
Chapter 7 Designing for the Human Experience in Smart Environments (pages 151–174): Gregory D. Abowd and Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Chapter 8 Prediction Algorithms for Smart Environments (pages 175–192): Diane J. Cook
Chapter 9 Location Estimation (Determination and Prediction) Techniques in Smart Environments (pages 193–228): Archan Misra and Sajal K Das
Chapter 10 Automated Decision Making (pages 229–247): Manfred Huber
Chapter 11 Security, Privacy and Trust Issues in Smart Environments (pages 249–270): P. A. Nixon, W. Wagealla, C. English and S. Terzis
Chapter 12 Lessons from an Adaptive Home (pages 271–294): Michael C. Mozer
Chapter 13 Smart Rooms (pages 295–322): Alvin Chen, Richard Muntz and Mani Srivastava
Chapter 14 Smart Offices (pages 323–343): Christophe Le Gal
Chapter 15 Perceptual Environments (pages 345–359): Alex Pentland
Chapter 16 Assistive Environments for Individuals with Special Needs (pages 361–383): Abdelsalam Helal, Choonhwa Lee and William C. Mann
Chapter 17 Ongoing Challenges and Future Directions (pages 385–392): Sajal K. Das and Diane J. Cook

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