Pro ASP.NET Web Forms Techniques Cover

Pro ASP.NET Web Forms Techniques

ISBN/ASIN: 9781590593172,9781430206620 | 2004 | English | pdf | 608/595 pages | 21.8 Mb
Publisher: Apress | Author: Alex Homer (auth.) | Edition: 2

ASP.NET MAKES IT EASY to create intemctive and intuitive interfaces for Web applica­ tions, and attmctive and exciting Web pages. The server-based postback architecture, combined with the comprehensive army of server controls that are provided as part of the .NET Framework, allow developers to quickly build browser-based interfaces for Web sites and Web applications-using much the same event -driven approach as in "tmdi­ tional" executable programs developed in languages like VISual Basic, Delphi, and C++. This is a completely new and different way of working from previous versions of ASP, and the underlying principles and workings of server-based events, which occur in response to actions made by the user in the page, can prove to be difficult to gmsp in their entirety. However, constructing ASP.NET pages, especially with some of the tools that are available or under development now, is very much easier and often less error-prone than in classic ASP. Besides, a completely server-based approach to user interaction does have its downsides. In high-latency scenarios, or over slow network connections, the need to hit the server every time the page content needs to be modified can intrude on the workings of an application or reduce the perceived responsiveness of a Web site.

Pro ASP.NET Web Forms Techniques

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