Network Programming in Windows NT Cover

Network Programming in Windows NT

ISBN/ASIN: 0201590565,9780201590562 | 1995 | English | pdf | 620/632 pages | 5.90 Mb
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company | Author: Alok Sinha | Edition: 1st

This book presents the powerful IPC programming paradigms as the building block of today's client/server applications for Windows and Windows NT. It explores the challenges which developers face when they are developing client/server programs. Advantages and disadvantages of each communication method are discussed so that the developer can decide which method works best. Code fragments throughout the book show the basic design concepts. Highlights:*Provides an overview of Windows and Windows NT architecture, and shows how Windows NT IPC mechanisms can be used to build client/server applications *Illustrates harnessing the power of RPC and interaction with DCE *Shows how to use Window Sockets *Covers SPX/IPX programming, which allows applications to access applications in a NetWare environment *Encompasses NetBIOS programming for building applications *Includes MailSlots programming interface which accords a simple application level interface 0201590565B04062001

Network Programming in Windows NT

Category: Development

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