Biomimetic biomaterials  Structure and applications Cover

Biomimetic biomaterials: Structure and applications

ISBN/ASIN: 0857094165,9780857094162 | 2013 | English | pdf | 344/332 pages | 17.8 Mb
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing | Author: Andrew J. Ruys

A significant proportion of modern medical technology has been developed through biomimetics, that is biologically inspired by studying pre-existing functioning systems in nature. Typical biomimetically inspired biomaterials include nano-biomaterials, smart biomaterials, hybrid biomaterials, nano-biocomposites, hierarchically porous biomaterials and tissue scaffolds. This important book summarizes some of the key research in this important field.

Part one is devoted to the biomimetics of biomaterials themselves while part two provides overviews and case studies of tissue engineering applications from a biomimetics perspective. Both parts off a strong focus on cutting edge biomimetically-inspired biomaterials including chitin, hydrogels, calcium phosphates, biopolymers and anti-thrombotic coatings. Since many scaffolds for skin tissue engineering are biomimetically inspired, there are also chapters on the biomimetics of tissue engineering in the repair of bone, skin, cartilage, soft tissue and specific organs.

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