The Biggest Fish Ever Caught  A Long String of Cover

The Biggest Fish Ever Caught: A Long String of

ISBN/ASIN: 0762782579,9780762782574 | 2013 | English | epub | 168/0 pages | 5.02 Mb
Publisher: Lyons Press | Author: Andrew Vietze

How did they do it? What are the secrets of the fishermen who've landed the world's greatest trophy fishes? The Biggest Fish Ever Caught will tell the tales behind the International Game Fishing Association's record-holding fish, including where they were bagged, what lines/lures the anglers used, and other tips and tricks. The dozen stories here are filled with amazing action and intriguing characters. They'll take you to lakes, streams, and oceans around the world and explore catch and release vs blood sport fishing, stocking and bioengineering, conservation – and controversy. All the while revealing the sorts of secrets fishermen don't usually like to share.

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