India’s biggest cover-up Cover

India’s biggest cover-up

ISBN/ASIN: 9789380828695 | 2012 | English | epub | 448/0 pages | 9.03 Mb
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing | Author: Anuj Dhar

India's Biggest Cover Up

Published in the year 2012, India’s Biggest Cover Up is a book that is set to uncover the hidden mystery behind the death of the renowned freedom fighter from India, Subhash Chandra Bose.

Summary Of The Book

India’s Biggest Cover Up is a sequel to Dhar’s previous book, Back From Dead: Inside The Subhas Bose Mystery, which was released in 2005. Following that, Dhar and his colleagues had begun their research to find out the reason behind Subhash Chandra Bose’s death, and requested extra information from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Indian Prime Minister’s Office, and the Ministry of External Affairs. They also sought information from foreign governments through the Freedom of Information Act and the Right to Information Act.

This book comprises 13 chapters along with six appendices. It also has over 200 photographs, and 90 top-secret documents that provide a whole new perspective on the death of Netaji. Dhar presents the readers with insights into why he believes Pranab Mukherjee played a role in Bose’s mysterious death. Dhar explains that how Mukherjee allegedly flew to Germany, and attempted to bribe Bose’s wife into giving a written approval to take the ashes from Renkoji Temple, Japan, to India as Bose’s ashes.

India’s Biggest Cover Up also provides the readers with an original copy of the document in which the Indian government states that Bose’s death occurred due to a plane crash. It also presents information about former IB Director B. N. Mullik, who lied under oath that the IB had never snooped on Shaulmari baba, who was considered Netaji by many. However, this book comprises certain top secret records of the Intelligence Bureau that Mullik had personally spoken to Jawaharlal Nehru about, concerning certain trivial matters about Shaulmari baba. He also throws light on the treasure of the Indian National Army, which includes diamonds, jewellery, and other valuables that were given by expatriate Indians. There were four men behind the looting, and Jawaharlal Nehru hired one of them even after knowing about his corrupt activities. Dhar explains that it can be regarded as the first scam that took place in Independent India.

This book was greatly appreciated by its readers, and newspapers across the country.

About Anuj Dhar

Anuj Dhar is a former journalist, independent researcher, and author.

Apart from this book, Dhar has written Back From Dead: Inside The Subhas Bose Mystery and CIA’s Eye On South Asia.

Dhar was born in a Kashmiri Hindu family, and was brought up in New Delhi. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Delhi University. He began his career by working for Hindustan Times, and then NDTV. During his time at Hindustan Times, Dhar was involved in a research project on the Bose mystery. Even after the project was completed, he still carried out independent research on Bose. He currently serves as the founder trustee of Mission Netaji, which carries out research on the mysterious death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

India’s biggest cover-up

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