Computational Geomechanics Cover

Computational Geomechanics

ISBN/ASIN: 9789048145324,9789401711128 | 1995 | English | pdf | 384/390 pages | 8.24 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Arnold Verruijt (auth.) | Edition: 1

Recent years have witnessed the development of computational geomechanics as an important branch of engineering. The use of modern computational techniques makes it possible to deal with many complex engineering problems, taking into account many of the typical properties of geotechnical materials (soil and rock), such as the coupled behaviour of pore water and solid material, nonlinear elasto-plastic behaviour, and transport processes. This book provides an introduction to these methods, presenting the basic principles of the geotechnical phenomena involved as well as the numerical models for their analysis, and including full listings of computer programs (in PASCAL). The types of geotechnical problems considered cover a wide range of applications, varying from classical problems such as slope stability, analysis of foundation piles and sheet pile walls to finite element analysis of groundwater flow, elasto-plastic deformations, consolidation and transport problems.

Computational Geomechanics

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