MuPAD User’s Manual   Multi-Processing Algebra Data Tool, MuPAD Version 1.2.2 Cover

MuPAD User’s Manual: Multi-Processing Algebra Data Tool, MuPAD Version 1.2.2

ISBN/ASIN: 9783322966506,9783322966490 | 1996 | German | pdf | 572/587 pages | 12.2 Mb
Publisher: Vieweg+Teubner Verlag | Author: B. Fuchssteiner, K. Drescher, A. Kemper, O. Kluge, K. Morisse, H. Naundorf, G. Oevel, F. Postel, T. Schulze, G. Siek, A. Sorgatz, W. Wiwianka, P. Zimmermann | Edition: 1

This book and CD Rom package includes a printed edition of the>MuPAD User Manual and 2 CD-Roms with a hypertext version of the manual, plus a full version of the MuPAD Software. Developments in computer algebra systems will help shape the way mathematical models and technique will be used in the future applications of mathematics inscience and engineering.At the forefront of thesedevelopments, MuPAD is a powerfull computeralgebra system designed to handle mathematical problems and computations of a new order of magnitude.The muPad users Manual provides a detailed survey of the system's capabilities and contains: A complete description of the MuPAD programming language. Guidelines on how to produce graphics with MuPAD. A survey of the functions of the MuPAD standard library. Designed as a parallel system it will also run on sequential computers from small size machines to more powerful workstations. The advantages over other computers algebra systems are that: MuPADis a system that offers a window-based unser interface on all platforms. MuPAD is the first system that provides native parallel instructions to theuser. MuPAD offers tools for the dynamicallinking of binary objects. Studentsresearchers and professionals in all quantitativedisciplines will find MuPAD to be a user-friendlyand invaluable aid to their work. The MuPADsoftware on the CD-ROMS is ready to start fromthe following platforms: PC(Linux), AppleMacintosh, Hewlett-Packard, Sun4, Silicon Graphics, DECstation.

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