Goddess: Inside Madonna Cover

Goddess: Inside Madonna

ISBN/ASIN: 0061031135,9780061031137 | 2002 | English | epub | 464/0 pages | 2.97 Mb
Publisher: HarperEntertainment | Author: Barbara Victor

An intimate biography of Madonna with never-before published information about the performer that traces her evolution and explains her extraordinary popularity.

From the moment Madonna first appeared on the international music scene, she has been hounded, criticized, honored, revered, and ignored–and despite these conflicting reactions has managed to set social, sexual, and musical trends of the last two decades. She is a chameleon figure who has changed her look and her sound dramatically over the years, and despite her exhibitionist tendencies and the intense scrutiny of the press, has remained an enigma to the public, keeping her most intimate identity hidden from all but her closest acquaintances. GODDESS begins with material from a 1993 interview Victor had with Madonna. The author has interviewed Madonna's maternal grandmother, father, stepmother, siblings, first boyfriends, high school friend with whom she had a lesbian relationship, dance teacher/mentor, and many more people from her formative years.
Victor examines her emotional life, her career, the fact or fantasy of her lesbian and heterosexual relationships, her taste, her genius for reinvention, her brilliant business sense.

Goddess: Inside Madonna

Category: Biography

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