Ordinary Differential Equations Cover

Ordinary Differential Equations

ISBN/ASIN: N/A | 1969 | English | djvu | 152/152 pages | 5.17 Mb
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold | Author: Barry Spain

Since the time of Newton differential equations have become an
essential mathematical tool for the solution of many physical problems.
Accordingly the reader is introduced to this subject by considering
problems derived from several scientific disciplines.

It is assumed that the reader has sufficient knowledge of calculus to
evaluate the various integrals which arise. Care has been taken to avoid
the use of the relation e^{ia} = cos a + i sin a in Chapter 5 in order that
readers unfamiliar with this relation can follow all the developments of
that chapter. However, such readers are advised to omit Sections 62
and 64 of Chapter 7.

The contents of this book are adequate for the requirements of under-
graduate scientists and engineers and for a first-year course for under-
graduate mathematicians. It is hoped that it may also be useful to school
scholarship candidates. Hence the text is presented without emphasis
on rigour.

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Category: Science

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