Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition  Platform and Component Specifications Cover

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition: Platform and Component Specifications

ISBN/ASIN: 0201704560,9780201704563 | 2000 | English | epub | 748/0 pages | 3.30 Mb
Publisher: Pearson Education | Author: Bill Shannon, Mark Hapner, Vlada Matena, James Davidson, Enterprise Team, Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, The Enterprise Team | Edition: 1st

The newly-released Java TM 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is rapidly becoming the hottest technology for enterprise development. This complete, authoritative J2EE specification, direct from Sun Microsystems, is all developers need to know to deploy J2EE. Java 2 Enterprise Edition Specifications contains detailed coverage of the J2EE standard platform for application hosting; the new J2EE compatibility test suite; Sun's J2EE Reference Implementation; and the J2EE application model for developing multi-tier thin-client services. Every key element of J2EE is presented, including new technologies generating serious excitement amongst enterprise developers: servlets, JavaServer Pages, JNDI, and Enterprise JavaBeans. Coverage also includes security, JDBC, RMI-IIOP support, the Java Transaction API, interoperability issues, XML support, and more — including a full chapter on the future of Java 2 Enterprise Edition.

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