The Medical Directory 2012 Cover

The Medical Directory 2012

ISBN/ASIN: 1843119102,9781843119104 | 2011 | English | pdf | 5000/4254 pages | 78.8 Mb
Publisher: CRC Press | Author: Brenda Wren | Edition: 166

Possessing an unparalleled wealth of information, the medical directory database contains details of 117,000 medical doctors, including career data.

The 2012 database has been revised and updated, providing a unique resource that allows one to easily find contact details of medical doctors. The Medical Directory will help you effortlessly find medical doctors listed by name, specialty and locality:

Who will find this directory useful –

• Hospitals and consultants– Find a practitioner by therapy area/town/address. Know where your peers are, track colleagues and make quick referrals.

• Lawyers and medico-legal firms– Look up and source doctors for key/expert witnesses in personal injury cases.

• Insurance companies– Use the quick to source, reliable GP data to save time and effort when processing claims. Contact practitioners to assess applications for health insurance.

• Medical conference/event organisers– Identify your audience and build speaker lists from The Medical Directory. Make your healthcare event a success by targeting your ‘call-for-attendees’ by locality, by specialty/therapy area or by profession/job title.

• Pharmaceutical companies– Target drug-specific communications, CME activities and other communications to practitioners, doctors, GPs, consultants, specialists and clinicians. Also a resource for potential trial investigators and/or patient recruitment centres.

• Healthcare publishers and medical communications agencies– Reach and connect with GPs/healthcare professionals/institutions/organisations quickly, and in a targeted manner.

• Human resources and occupational health departments– Have the relevant contact details at your fingertips when seeking professional advice and recommending treatment.

• Specialist associations– Access contact details of doctors by therapy area.

• Medical universities– Track graduates’ qualifications and keep in touch with alumni.

• Locum recruiters– Find the doctor(s) you are looking for – fast! Search by specialty and locality.

Since 1845, The Medical Directory has been the most comprehensive record of doctors in the UK.

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