Objectivity in Law and Morals Cover

Objectivity in Law and Morals

ISBN/ASIN: 052104149X,9780521041492 | 2007 | English | pdf | 368/366 pages | 28.1 Mb
Publisher: Cambridge University Press | Author: Brian Leiter | Edition: 1

The seven original essays included in this volume offer a sophisticated perspective on issues about the objectivity of legal interpretation and judicial decision-making. They examine objectivity from both metaphysical and epistemological perspectives and develop a variety of approaches, constructive and critical, to the fundamental problems of objectivity in morality. This is the first volume to consider the intersection between objectivity in ethics and the objectivity in law. It presents a state-of-the-art survey of live issues in metaethics, and examines their relevance to theorizing about law and adjudication.

Objectivity in Law and Morals

Category: Science

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