Postmodernism for historians Cover

Postmodernism for historians

ISBN/ASIN: 0582506042,9780582506046 | 2005 | English | pdf | 200 p. ; 24 cm./207 pages | 20.7 Mb
Publisher: Pearson/Longman | Author: Brown, Callum | Edition: 1st ed

"This is the first dedicated primer on postmodernism for the History student. Written by an enthusiast, it offers a step-by-step guide to postmodern theory, discusses how historians have used it in their research and writing, and assesses criticisms and ways of responding to them.".
"This book shows how postmodernism works for the historian and how the theory can be infused into what we do. It will enable students to apply postmodern theory in critical assessment of history books and articles, and to construct personal essay, dissertation or thesis topics. By empowering those frightened by postmodern theory and the very idea of it, the book is the ideal companion to courses on Historical Theory and Historiography. Designed for the beginner, written by an ordinary historian, Postmodernism for Historians is the essential postmodern starting point for the student of history."–BOOK JACKET.  Read more…
1. Empiricism —

2. Sign —

3. Discourse —

4. Poststructuralism —

5. Text —

6. Self —

7. Morality —

8. Criticism of postmodernism in history.

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