Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization  A Legal Guide, Sixth Edition Cover

Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide, Sixth Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9781118413456,9781118534199 | 2013 | English | pdf | 362/362 pages | 3.25 Mb
Author: Bruce R. Hopkins(auth.)

Nuts-and-bolts guidance on the laws, rules, and regulations governing the nonprofit sector—from leading nonprofit law expert, Bruce R. Hopkins
Nonprofits must comply with stringent federal and state laws due to their special tax-exempt status; the government's ultimate threat is revocation of a nonprofit's tax-exempt status, which usually means the nonprofit's demise. Written in plain English, not "legalese," Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide, Sixth Edition, provides essential guidance for those interested in starting nonprofits, as well as valuable advice for leaders of established organizations. Revised and expanded to include updated information on changes in laws, rules, and regulations governing the nonprofit sectorCovers federal tax law, nonprofit, governance, the annual information return (Form 990), charitable giving rules, and current IRS ruling policyPresents essential, practical legal information in easy-to-understand EnglishExplains the applications and implications of corporate, tax, and fundraising laws for nonprofits
This easy-to-read resource contains essential information on virtually every legal aspect of starting and operating a nonprofit organization from receiving and maintaining tax-exempt status to tips for successful management practices.Content:
Chapter One What Is a Nonprofit Organization? (pages 1–12):
Chapter Two Starting a Nonprofit Organization (pages 13–22):
Chapter Three Debunking Some Myths and Misperceptions (pages 23–30):
Chapter Four Nonprofit Organizations: Much More than Charity (pages 31–47):
Chapter Five Nonprofits and Private Benefit (pages 49–63):
Chapter Six From Nonprofit to Tax?Exempt (pages 65–78):
Chapter Seven Charities: Public or Private? (pages 79–92):
Chapter Eight Governance: Board Duties and Liabilities (pages 93–107):
Chapter Nine Braving Annual Reporting (pages 109–117):
Chapter Ten Tax Exemption: Not a Paperwork Exemption (pages 119–128):
Chapter Eleven Charitable Giving Rules (pages 129–146):
Chapter Twelve Government Regulation of Fundraising (pages 147–166):
Chapter Thirteen Related or Unrelated? (pages 167–184):
Chapter Fourteen Lobbying Constraints—And Taxes (pages 185–195):
Chapter Fifteen Political Campaign Activities—And More Taxes (pages 197–204):
Chapter Sixteen Donor?Advised Funds, Tax Shelters, Insurance Schemes—And Still More Taxes (pages 205–210):
Chapter Seventeen Subsidiaries: For?Profit and Nonprofit (pages 211–221):
Chapter Eighteen Joint Venturing and Other Partnering (pages 223–232):
Chapter Nineteen Wonderful World of Planned Giving (pages 233–240):
Chapter Twenty Putting Ideas into Action (pages 241–249):
Chapter Twenty?One Watchdogs on the Prowl (pages 251–265):
Chapter Twenty?Two Potpourri of Policies and Procedures (pages 267–282):
Chapter Twenty?Three Commerciality, Competition, Commensurateness (pages 283–291):
Chapter Twenty?Four IRS Audits of Nonprofit Organizations (pages 293–311):
Chapter Twenty?Five Avoiding Personal Liability (pages 313–318):
Chapter Twenty?Six Nonprofit Organizations and the Constitution (pages 319–339):

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