A short safari adventure among Africa's thorny bushveld wildlife  History guide, life's imperatives, enigmas and travel Cover

A short safari adventure among Africa’s thorny bushveld wildlife: History guide, life’s imperatives, enigmas and travel

ISBN/ASIN: N/A | 2013 | English | mobi | 457/0 pages | 7.04 Mb
Publisher: Digital Publishers Group | Author: Bruce W. Lytle MD, Lars G. Svensson MD PhD

This book is a must for anyone traveling to Africa or planning to go on a Southern African Safari, and if your going on safari you need to bring only one book “A short safari adventure among Africa's thorny Bushveld wildlife: Part One – History guide, life's imperatives, enigmas and travel”

This book is about a safari adventure to Southern Africa, and is as rich in its history and technical data as it is in its unusually unique extraordinary photography (over 400 of Lars’ outdoor adventure photographs) that the authors have provided along with this wonderful adventure primarily illustrating how ancient San Bushman like hunter-gatherer attitudes influence mankind today and secondly how the global issues of land degradation, water resources, climate, struggles of third world countries, protein shortage, disease, biodiversity, and struggles of conservation affect us, and finally to show that conservation is no longer sufficient for both the survival of wildlife but also Mankind, because in many “conservation” areas wild animals are disappearing and we need animals biodiversity to survive dietary strains as the human population peaks at the end of the 21st century rather than just conservation.

We need to focus on the restoration of habitat, ecosystems, communities, biodiversity, and wild animals, which are labeled “sustainable restorancy.”

They use this word “restorancy” because conservation and conservancy imply maintaining the status quo, however, in so many areas the habitat has been decimated and it is no longer a matter of conserving it but rather the environment needs to be restored and wild animals reintroduced to a restorancy.

The authors integrate their adventures and stories including dealing with the Terrible Twelve – lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, buffalo, crocodiles, hippos, sharks, mambas and other snakes, tropical diseases, hyenas, and Homo sapiens. Why did we transition from hunter – gatherers to pastoralists or agriculturalists and civilization, despite the “luxurious” living of hunter -gatherers and what relics of hunting remain in our daily lives? Is basketball a hunting reflection of a team on each side of a mastodon trying to dunk stones on the mastodon’s head and why were we so successful in hunting and overcoming other animals? Is not President Obama’s hunt for Bin Laden the ultimate modern manifestation of our deeply ingrained hunting process?

Bruce elaborates on why he hunts, his transition from bird hunter to deer hunter, antelope hunter, and then how when he started hunting elk he found, as in Africa, he needed a guide and more help as part of the hunting process. He relates how Rivulets of Moment, including based on the adventure stories he read as a child about the “jungles” of Africa, a rifle, a trip to Africa, and a dream converged into a river carrying him to trophy hunting in Africa. Lars accompanied him and interviews Bruce, friends, PHs, photographs, and documents the return to the Bushveld and wildlife interactions where Lars grew up.

The authors have done an excellent job of blending the past and existing problems and the future solutions by exploring the Manger of early Mankind and the influences on this remarkably beautiful continent. How has the enigma of earth’s geology from the Big Bang onwards, including Moses timeline, and weather stresses, driven animal physiology to adapt, and in turn anatomy and behavior to accommodate, and how do different genealogies based on various methods reconcile with ancient biped Australopithecus and Homo species anatomical findings? How did emerging biped Paleo-anthropology and Paleolithic stresses, reflected in the Healthy San Bushmen diet, drive our need to hunt for protein, leadership, belief, protection against wild animal attack and disease, and what are the future challenges for our modern civilization and healthcare? Ingrained or encoded brain encryption from the past drives our daily psychology.

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