The War that Ended Peace   how Europe abandoned peace for the First World War Cover

The War that Ended Peace : how Europe abandoned peace for the First World War

ISBN/ASIN: 9781847654168,1847654169 | 2013 | English | epub | 0/0 pages | 10.2 Mb
Publisher: Profile Books | Author: by Professor Margaret MacMillan.

The First World War followed a period of sustained peace in Europe during which people talked with confidence of prosperity, progress and hope. But in 1914, Europe walked into a catastrophic conflict which killed millions of its men, bled its economies dry, shook empires and societies to pieces, and fatally undermined Europe's dominance of the world. It was a war which could have been avoided up to the last moment – so why did it happen? Beginning in the early nineteenth century, and ending with the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, award-winning historian Margaret MacMillan uncovers  Read more…
Cover Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; Maps; Introduction: War or Peace?; 1. Europe in 1900; 2. Great Britain and Splendid Isolation; 3. 'Woe to the country that has a child for King!' Wilhelm II and Germany; 4. Weltpolitik: Germany's Place on the World Stage; 5. Dreadnought: The Anglo-German Naval Rivalry; 6. Unlikely Friends: The Entente Cordiale between France and Britain; 7. The Bear and the Whale: Russia and Great Britain; 8. The Loyalty of the Nibelungs: The Dual Alliance of Austria-Hungary and Germany 9. What Were They Thinking? Hopes, Fears, Ideas, and Unspoken Assumptions10. Dreaming of Peace; 11. Thinking about War; 12. Making the Plans; 13. The Crises Start: Germany, France and Morocco; 14. The Bosnian Crisis: Confrontation between Russia and Austria-Hungary in the Balkans; 15. 1911: The Year of Discords —

Morocco Again; 16. The First Balkan Wars; 17. Preparing for War or Peace: Europe's Last Months of Peace; 18. Assassination at Sarajevo; 19. The End of the Concert of Europe: Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia; 20. Turning Out the Lights: Europe's Last Week of Peace Epilogue: The WarAcknowledgements; Notes; List of Illustrations; Bibliography; Index

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