Lifetime Modelling of High Temperature Corrosion Processes Cover

Lifetime Modelling of High Temperature Corrosion Processes

ISBN/ASIN: 9781601191939,9781902653471,1902653475,1601191936 | 2001 | English | pdf | 454/458 pages | 25.4 Mb
Publisher: Maney Publishing | Author: by Schütze, M.; Quadakkers, W.J.; Nicholls, J.R.Proceedings of an EFC Workshop 2001 – Edited

This book contains papers presented at a workshop held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in February 2001. The sections include papers on: alumina formers; iron oxide and chromia formers; composites and coatings; thermal barrier systems; and general lifetime prediction approaches.
• Front Matter
• Series Introduction
• Preface
• Table of Contents
•Part I. Investigation and Modelling of Specific Degradation Processes 1. Life Extension of Alumina-Forming Alloys – Background, Objectives and Achievements of the BRITE/EURAM Programme LEAFA
2. The Oxidation Lifetime of Commercial FeCrAl(RE) Alloys
3. Prediction of Oxide Spallation from an Alumina-Forming Ferritic Steel
4. Mechanistic Understanding of the Chemical Failure of FeCrAl-RE Alloys in Oxidising Environments
5. Critical Role of Minor Element Constituents on the Lifetime Oxidation Behaviour of FeCrAl(RE) Alloys
6. Development of a Life Prediction Model for the Chemical Failure of FeCrAl(RE) Alloys in Oxidising Environments
7. The Influence of Sample Geometry on the Oxidation and Chemical Failure of FeCrAl(RE) Alloys
8. The Role of Bioxidant Corrodents on the Lifetime Behaviour of FeCrAl(RE) Alloys
9. The Role of the Production Route on the Early Stage of Oxide Scale Formation on FeCrAl-Alloys
10. Modelling Internal Corrosion Processes as a Consequence of Oxide Scale Failure
11. Effects of Minor Alloying Additions on the Oxidation Behaviour of Chromia-Forming Alloys
12. Significance of Scale Spalling for the Lifetime of Ferritic 9-10%Cr Steels During Oxidation in Water Vapour at Temperatures Between 550 and 650°C
13. Understanding the Breakaway Corrosion of Ferritic Stainless Steels in Water Vapour
14. The Influence of Water Vapour and Silicon on the Long Term Oxidation Behaviour of 9Cr Steels
15. Simulation of High Temperature Slurry-Erosion by an in situ Pulsed Laser Spallation Technique
16. Theoretical and Experimental Approach for Long Term Modelling of Oxidation and Diffusion Processes in MCrAlY Coatings
17. Development of Type II Hot Corrosion in Solid Fuel Fired Gas Turbines
18. Influence of the Salt Composition on the Hot Corrosion Behaviour of Gas Turbine Materials
19. High-Temperature Cyclic Oxidation Behaviour of a Hot-Dip Aluminium-Coated 12%Cr Stabilised Ferritic Stainless Steel
20. Void Nucleation and Growth at the (Pd,Ni)Al Coating/Alumina Scale Interface During High Temperature Oxidation and Relation to Oxide Scale Spallation
21. Investigations on the Lifetime of Alumina-Forming Ti-Al-Ag Coatings
22. Interaction of Corrosion and Fatigue in Thermal Barrier Coatings – An Experimental Approach Towards Lifetime Assessment
23. New Approaches to the Understanding of Failure and Lifetime Prediction of Thermal Barrier Coating Systems
•Part II. Investigation and Modelling of Specific Degradation Processes 24. Oxidation Lifetimes: Experimental Results and Modelling
25. COSIM – A Finite-Difference Computer Model to Predict Ternary Concentration Profiles Associated With Oxidation and Interdiffusion of Overlay-Coated Substrates
26. Corrosion and Lifetime Modelling of Components in Coal Fired Combined Cycle Power Systems
27. The ASSET Project – A Corrosion Engineering Information System for Metals in Hot Corrosive Gases
28. The NiO/Ni(111) System in Creep at 550°C: Lifetime Prediction Using Several Techniques
• List of Abbreviations
• Index

Lifetime Modelling of High Temperature Corrosion Processes

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