An atlas of Brauer characters Cover

An atlas of Brauer characters

ISBN/ASIN: 0198514816 | 1995 | English | djvu | 345/345 pages | 2.41 Mb
Publisher: Oxford University Press | Author: C. Jansen, K. Lux, R. Parker, R. Wilson

A sequel to the Atlas of Finite Groups, this current book consists largely of the modular (or Brauer) character tables of finite simple groups and related groups. It includes an explanation of notation, definitions and theorems from the theory of Brauer characters, and methods for calculation. In the year of the 10th anniversary of the original Atlas publication, the appearance of this major reference resource for pure mathematicians working in group theory and its applications will be welcomed by all working in this field.

An atlas of Brauer characters

Category: Science

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