50 Android Hacks Cover

50 Android Hacks

ISBN/ASIN: 1617290564,9781617290565 | 2013 | English | pdf | 216/218 pages | 10.0 Mb
Publisher: Manning Publications | Author: Carlos Sessa | Edition: Pap/Psc

The best programming techniques are often the shortest and simplest—the hacks. In this compact and infinitely useful book, Android expert Carlos Sessa delivers 50 hacks that will save you time, stretch your skills, and maybe even make you smile.
Hacks. Clever programming techniques to solve thorny little problems. Ten lines of code that save you two days of work. The little gems you learn from the old guy in the next cube or from the geniuses on Stack Overflow. That’s just what you’ll find in this compact and useful book.

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Category: Development

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