Epitome Historiae Sacrae  Brevi Christi Vitae Narratione Addita Cover

Epitome Historiae Sacrae: Brevi Christi Vitae Narratione Addita

ISBN/ASIN: 9788895611198 | 2011 | Latin | pdf | 208/208 pages | 10.2 Mb
Publisher: Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Co. | Author: Caroli Francisci Lhomond, Luigi Miraglia

Entirely in Latin (with vowel lengths marked), this book includes 209 readings from the Old Testament Books. There are also engaging exercises, including crosswords and matching. Where you should be in the Lingua Latina series to read this: Ideal for students who have completed Familia Romana as it drills and reviews grammar while adding more than 1,300 words to their vocabulary and modeling excellent Latin prose style. Features ·Summary of the major biblical stories and all of Jesus life ·This edition includes an addition of 37 sections on Jesus life and death (totaling 246) ·Approximately 16,000 Latin words in length ·More than 1,300 new vocabulary words are taught ·Beautiful historical illustrations ·Appendices of historical maps, glossary of names, time tables Market Anyone using the Lingua Latina Orberg method to learn Latin. Also perfect for homeschoolers, as it covers the material of a course in Biblical history. Also includes a Preface on the life of Lhomond and the text.

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