Guidelines for Chemical Transportation Risk Analysis Cover

Guidelines for Chemical Transportation Risk Analysis

ISBN/ASIN: 9781591245988,9780816906260,1591245982,0816906262 | 1995 | English | rar | 382/0 pages | 9.70 Mb
Publisher: Center for Chemical Process Safety/AIChE | Author: Center for Chemical Process Safety

In today's environment, management and citizen concerns make the skilled practice of Transportation Risk Analysis (TRA) imperative. This book offers a sound, basic approach to TRA, which can be used to manage and control transportation risks by identifying the parameters with the greatest influence on a given movement, or to identify and evaluate risk reduction strategies. Together with Guidelines for Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis (CCPS, 1989), it will enable the process engineer to run basic analyses and to effectively manage those, which are more complex. STANDARD PUBLISHER DISCLAIMER
• Front Matter
• Preface
• Acronyms
• Table of Contents
1. Transportation Risk Analysis
2. TRA Frequency Analysis
3. Special Topics
4. TRA Data
5. Measurement, Calculation, and Presentation of Risk Estimates
6. TRA Application Examples
7. TRA Case Studies
8. Future Developments
• Transportation Risk Analysis Topical Bibliography
• Glossary
• Index

Guidelines for Chemical Transportation Risk Analysis

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