Environmental Geochemistry of Sulfide Oxidation Cover

Environmental Geochemistry of Sulfide Oxidation

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841227729,9780841214224,0841227721 | 1994 | English | pdf | 672/672 pages | 62.2 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: Charles N. Alpers and David W. Blowes (Eds.)

Content: Rates of reaction of galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, and arsenopyrite with Fe(III) in acidic solutions / J. Donald Rimstidt, John A. Chermak, and Patrick M. Gagen —
Laboratory studies of pyrrhotite oxidation kinetics / Ronald V. Nicholson and Jeno M. Scharer —
Effect of humidity on pyrite oxidation / Sandra L. Borek —
Kinetics of hydrothermal enrichment of chalcopyrite / Joon H. Jang and Milton E. Wadsworth —
Oxidation of inorganic sulfur compounds by thiobacilli / Isamu Suzuki, C.W. Chan, and T.L. Takeuchi —
Microbial oxidation of sulfides by Thiobacillus denitrificans for treatment of sour water and sour gases / K.L. Sublette, Michael J. McInerney, Anne D. Montgomery, and Vishveshk Bhupathiraju —
Solid-phase alteration and iron transformation in column bioleaching of a complex sulfide ore / Lasse Ahonen and Olli H. Tuovinen —
Alteration of mica and feldspar associated with the microbiological oxidation of pyrrhotite and pyrite / Tariq M. Bhatti, Jerry M. Bigham, Antti Vuorinen, and Olli H. Tuovinen —
Rates of mechanisms that govern pollutant generation from pyritic wastes / A.I.M. Ritchie —
Attempts to model the industrial-scale leaching of copper-bearing mine waste / L.M. Cathles —
A computer program to assess acid generation in pyritic tailings / Jeno M. Scharer, Ronald V. Nicholson, Bruce Halbert, and William J. Snodgrass —
Time-space continuum formulation of supergene enrichment and weathering of sulfide-bearing ore deposits / Peter C. Lichtner —
Influence of siderite on the pore-water chemistry of inactive mine-tailings impoundments / C.J. Ptacek and David W. Blowes —
Mineralogical characteristics of poorly crystallized precipitates formed by oxidation of Fe2+ in acid sulfate waters / E. Murad, U. Schwertmann, Jerry M. Bigham, and L. Carlson —
Atomic and electronic structure of PbS {100} surfaces and chemisorption-oxidation reactions / Carrick M. Eggleston and Michael F. Hochella, Jr. —
Effects of instream pH modification on transport of sulfide-oxidation products / Briant A. Kimball, Robert E. Broshears, Diane M. McKnight, and Kenneth E. Bencala —
Transport and natural attenuation of Cu, Zn, As, and Fe in the acid mine drainage of Leviathan and Bryant Creeks / Jenny G. Webster, D. Kirk Nordstrom, and Kathleen S. Smith —
Acid mine drainage in Wales and influence of ochre precipitation on water chemistry / Ron Fuge, Fiona M. Pearce, Nicholas J.G. Pearce, and William T. Perkins —
Stratigraphy and chemistry of sulfidic flood-plain sediments in the Upper Clark Fork Valley, Montana / David A. Nimick and Johnnie N. Moore —
Release of toxic metals via oxidation of authigenic pyrite in resuspended sediments / John W. Morse —
Mobilization and scavenging of heavy metals following resuspension of anoxic sediments from the Elbe River / W. Calmano, U. Förstner, and J. Hong —
Seasonal variations of Zn/Cu ratios in acid mine water from Iron Mountain, California / Charles N. Alpers, D. Kirk Nordstrom, and J. Michael Thompson —
Secondary iron-sulfate minerals as sources of sulfate and acidity : geochemical evolution of acidic ground water at a reclaimed surface coal mine in Pennsylvania / C.A. Cravotta, III —
Limit to self-neutralization in acid mine tailings : the case of East Sullivan, Quebec, Canada / M.D. Germain, N. Tassé, and M. Bergeron —
Attenuation of acid rock drainage in a natural wetland system / Y.T.J. Kwong and D.R. Van Stempvoort —
Kinetics of oxidation of hydrogen sulfide in natural waters / Jia-Zhong Zhang and Frank J. Millero —
Determination of hydrogen sulfide oxidation products by sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy / Appathurai Vairavamurthy, Bernard Manowitz, Weiqing Zhou, and Yongseog Jeon —
Evolved-gas analysis : a method for determining pyrite, marcasite, and alkaline-earth carbonates / Richard W. Hammack —
Controls of [delta]18O in sulfate : review of experimental data and application to specific environments / D.R. Van Stempvoort and H.R. Krouse —
Sulfur- and oxygen-isotope geochemistry of acid mine drainage in the Western United States : field and experimental studies revisited / B.E. Taylor and Mark C. Wheeler —
Applications of mass-balance calculations to weathered sulfide mine tailings / Edward C. Appleyard and David W. Blowes —
Oxidation of massive sulfide deposits in the Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick : natural analogues for acid drainage in temperate climates / D.R. Boyle —
Thiosulfate complexing of platinum group elements : implications for supergene geochemistry / Elizabeth Y. Anthony and Peter A. Williams —
Suppression of pyrite oxidation rate by phosphate addition / Xiao Huang and V.P. Evangelou —
Iron sulfide oxidation : impact on chemistry of leachates from natural and pyrolyzed organic-rich shales / Thomas L. Robl —
Oxidation of sulfide minerals present in Duluth complex rock : a laboratory study / Kim A. Lapakko and David A. Antonson —
Chemical predictive modeling of acid mine drainage from metallic sulfide-bearing waste rock / W.W. White, III and T.H. Jeffers —
Composition of interstitial gases in wood chips deposited on reactive mine tailings : consequences for their use as an oxygen barrier / N. Tassé, M.D. Germain, and M. Bergeron —
Field research on thermal anomalies indicating sulflde-oxidation reactions in mine spoil / Weixing Guo and Richard R. Parizek.

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