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Service Science: Design for Scaling and Transformation

ISBN/ASIN: 9812836764,9789812836762 | 2009 | English | pdf | 316/317 pages | 3.15 Mb
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company | Author: Cheng Hsu

Service science is an emerging field, but many still consider it lacking in substance. This book aims to change the situation by addressing the following questions: What is the big story about service? What are the main research problems in service? What does a connected world mean? Does service require a different kind of design science? What will be the next waves of the Web? How to support universal value co-creation? How to unite Cyberspace wilt physical space? Is it feassible to connect information resources everywhere?
To answer these questions, the book presents and substantiates a digital connections scaling (DCS) model, complete with a population-oriented design paradigm and a new class of microeconomic production functions to explain the paths of transformation into the future one of the most original results today. Next, the book analyzes new business designs on the Web and characterizes a service-led revolution for the Knowledge Economy. Thirdly, it develops systems planning and design methods to help implement the DCS model at the level of Information and Database Systems, Business Strategy, and Digitization Engineering, thereby enhancing these fields. Finally, certain intriguing new applications, especially smart highways and information supply chains, are discussed.
Contents: Service, Knowledge Economy, and the Transformation of the Digitally Connected World; Defining the Interdisciplinary Nature of Service Science: Some Research Problems; Exploring New Frontiers: The Digital Connections Scaling Model; The Population Orientation Paradigm and Cyber-Enabled Knowledge System Design; Quintessential Digitally Connected Service: New Business Designs on the Web; A Design Methodology for Service Cocreation Enterprise Information Systems: The DCS Contributions; Instrumentation of the Environment: A Design for Connecting the Cyberspace with Physical Infrastructure for Intelligent Network Flows; Collaboration of Independent Massively Distributed Information Resources: A Market Paradigm; Service-Led Revolution: Empowerment of the Person and Collaboration of the Society.

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