Shape-memory Alloys Handbook Cover

Shape-memory Alloys Handbook

ISBN/ASIN: 9781848214347,9781118577776 | 2013 | English | pdf | 382/382 pages | 9.38 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-ISTE | Author: Christian Lexcellent(auth.)

The aim of this book is to understand and describe the martensitic phase transformation and the process of martensite platelet reorientation. These two key elements enable the author to introduce the main features associated with the behavior of shape-memory alloys (SMAs), i.e. the one-way shape-memory effect, pseudo-elasticity, training and recovery.
Attention is paid in particular to the thermodynamical frame for solid materials modeling at the macroscopic scale and its applications, as well as to the particular use of such alloys – the simplified calculations for the bending of bars and their torsion. Other chapters are devoted to key topics such as the use of the “crystallographical theory of martensite” for SMA modeling, phenomenological and statistical investigations of SMAs, magneto-thermo-mechanical behavior of magnetic SMAs and the fracture mechanics of SMAs. Case studies are provided on the dimensioning of SMA elements offering the reader an additional useful framework on the subject.


1. Some General Points about SMAs.
2. The World of Shape-memory Alloys.
3. Martensitic Transformation.
4. Thermodynamic Framework for the Modeling of Solid Materials.
5. Use of the “CTM” to Model SMAs.
6. Phenomenological and Statistical Approaches for SMAs.
7. Macroscopic Models with Internal Variables.
8. Design of SMA Elements: Case Studies.
9. Behavior of Magnetic SMAs.
10. Fracture Mechanics of SMAs.
11. General Conclusion.
Appendix 1. Intrinsic Properties of Rotation Matrices.
Appendix 2. “Twinning Equation” Demonstration.
Appendix 3. Calculation of the Parameters a, n and Q from the “Twinning” Equation.
Appendix 4. “Twinned” Austenite/Martensite Equation.
Chapter 1 Some General Points about SMAs (pages 1–9): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 2 The World of Shape?memory Alloys (pages 11–47): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 3 Martensitic Transformation (pages 49–95): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 4 Thermodynamic Framework for the Modeling of Solid Materials (pages 97–107): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 5 Use of the “CTM” to Model SMAs (pages 109–127): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 6 Phenomenological and Statistical Approaches for SMAs (pages 129–155): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 7 Macroscopic Models with Internal Variables (pages 157–234): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 8 Design of SMA Elements: Case Studies (pages 235–260): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 9 Behavior of Magnetic SMAs (pages 261–294): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 10 Fracture Mechanics of SMAs (pages 295–335): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 11 General Conclusion (pages 337–339): Christian Lexcellent
Chapter 1 Intrinsic Properties of Rotation Matrices (see Chapter 3) (pages 341–343):
Chapter 2 “Twinning Equation” Demonstration (see Chapter 3) (pages 345–348):
Chapter 3 Calculation of the Parameters a, n and Q from the “Twinning” Equation (see Chapter 3) (pages 349–354):
Chapter 4 “Twinned” Austenite/Martensite Equation (see Chapter 3) (pages 355–357):

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