European Directory of Contaminated Land Management 1993/94 Cover

European Directory of Contaminated Land Management 1993/94

ISBN/ASIN: 9781853338854,9789401114462 | 1993 | English | pdf | 444/455 pages | 42.8 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Colin Newsome, Annabel Newsome (auth.), Colin Newsome, Annabel Newsome, Nicola Newsome, Valerie Newsome, Andrew Stone (eds.) | Edition: 1

Dr Simon Johnson BSc, MSc, Ph.D, FGS Research Manager, Construction Industry Research & Information Association (CIRIA) Extensive efforts have been made in recent years those already owning, or responsible for, in the U.K. to recycle contaminated land for contaminated sites, further spurs are increasingly further beneficial use. However, rapid expansion stringent legislation and its enforcement by of the knowledge base and the variety of regulatory agencies. remediation techniques now available can inhibit Public pressure is for the best possible their adoption into practice. Developers and their environmental protection. Rehabilitating engineering advisers, in making commercial and dereliction and cleaning up contamination are technical judgements, have to be confident that seen as positive actions. The public, wanting they understand initially unfamiliar technologies improved neighbourhood services and and changing environment liabilities. preservation of green belt and countryside, Remedial treatme·nt of contaminated land always prefers new development to be within schemes for requires specialist input, but it is often carried out urban regeneration. for developments designed and built by However the standards of treatment, have to construction professionals. They have to assess achieve a viable compromise of safety, the best engineering options for remediation. In effectiveness and cost in the short term, and order to do so, they have to assimilate, sort, and satisfy long-term requirements of reliability, in question an expanding amount of research and order to gain the confidence and acceptance of performance information. Effective and owners and purchasers.

European Directory of Contaminated Land Management 1993/94

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