European Directory of Hazardous Waste Management 1993/94 Cover

European Directory of Hazardous Waste Management 1993/94

ISBN/ASIN: 9781853338847,9789401114486 | 1993 | English | pdf | 472/483 pages | 18.7 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Colin Newsome, Annabel Newsome (auth.), Colin Newsome, Annabel Newsome, Nicola Newsome, Valerie Newsome, Andrew Stone (eds.) | Edition: 1

Colin Wainwright Director & Secretary, The British Chemical Distributors & Traders Association Ltd (BCDTA) Sec. Gen., Federation of European Chemical Traders & Distributors (FECC) Chemicals are the building blocks of almost all minimum risk to both man and the environment. other industries and it is a fact of life that a Third party carriers, if involved, should also be a hazard value, however low, can be placed on party to this working relationship. most chemicals. Whatever systems are in place, Whilst the prime responsibility and liability falls on there will always be hazardous waste and the disposer – both producers and carriers have unforeseen accidents. shared liabilities and it is the responsiblity of all Chemical manufacturers already have cradle-to­ involved to be confident of the professional and grave, product stewardship and Responsible Care effective disposal of the waste involved – by policies in place which should incorporate waste incineration or landfill. In the USA, there is a law minimisation, control and disposal. These systems ensuring that liabilities revert back to those whose do not, as yet, go all the way downstream. waste has entered a site and covering the cost of Reputable distributors or agents either have these cleaning-up the site.

European Directory of Hazardous Waste Management 1993/94

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