Nanomedicine and the nervous system Cover

Nanomedicine and the nervous system

ISBN/ASIN: 9781578087280,1578087287 | pdf | xv, 416 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm/426 pages | 19.6 Mb
Author: Colin R Martin; Victor R Preedy; Ross J Hunter

"The nanosciences encompass a variety of technologies ranging from particles to networks and nanostructures. For example, nanoparticles have been proposed to be suitable carriers of therapeutic agents whilst nanostructures provide suitable platforms and scaffolds for sub-micro bioengineering. In this book we focus on nanomedicine and nanotechnology as applied to the nervous system which includes the brain and peripheral nervous system. We cover safety, nanostructures, nanoparticle-based immunoassays, nanofiber microbrush arrays, nanoelectrodes, protein nanoassemblies, nanoparticles-assisted imaging, nanomaterials and ion channels, stem cell imaging, neuronal performance, treatment of stroke and spinal cord injury, lipid nanostructures, and many other areas. Contributors are all either international or national experts, leading authorities or are carrying out ground breaking and innovative work on their subject. The book is essential reading for neurologists, psychologists, mental health workers, research scientists, medical doctors, pathologists, biologists, biochemists, chemists and physicists, general practitioners as well as those interested in disease and nano sciences in general. Nanomedicine and the nervous system is part of the collection of books on Nanoscience Applied to Health and Medicine"– Read more…

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