Cooper's Comprehensive Environmental Desk Reference Cover

Cooper’s Comprehensive Environmental Desk Reference

ISBN/ASIN: 9781591247432,9780442021597,1591247438,0442021593 | 1996 | English | rar | 1039/0 pages | 55.9 Mb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons | Author: Cooper, Andre, R., Sr. (Eds.)

Destined to become a classic, this unique comprehensive reference offers more than 1,000 pages of key terms, over 5,000 acronyms and useful, detailed information on such topics as Superfund, construction, environmental engineering, wetlands, biology, OSHA, threatened and endangered flora and fauna, and international organizations and treaties. Information is supplemented by maps, charts, tables, and diagrams, as well as crucial agency contact information to give the professional access to environmental officials who can offer advice and assistance.
• Front Matter
• Introduction
• Table of Contents
1. Environmental Terms and Terminology
2. Environmental Acronyms and Abbreviations
3. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
• 4. Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) List
• 5. Data Conversion Factors
• 6. Chemical Elements
• 7. Environmental Protection Agency Data
8. Environmental Jargon Finder (Topic Index)

Cooper’s Comprehensive Environmental Desk Reference

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