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Drug Metabolism: Current Concepts

ISBN/ASIN: 9781402041419,9781402041426 | 2005 | English | pdf | 422/431 pages | 2.46 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Corina Ionescu, Mino R. Caira (eds.) | Edition: 1

Drug Metabolism: Current Concepts

Corina Ionescu and Mino R Caira

Drug Metabolism: Current Concepts provides a comprehensive understanding of the processes that take place following ingestion of a medicinal agent or xenobiotic, with an emphasis on the crucial role of metabolism (biotransformation). How a sound knowledge of these phenomena is incorporated into the design of effective new drug candidates is also explained. The user-friendly text focuses on concepts rather than extraneous details and is supported by many illustrated examples of biotransformations as well as frequent references to current critical reviews and articles highlighting the nature of research objectives in this vibrant area of medicinal development. The final topic on strategies for drug design relies on the background provided by the rest of the book.

The book includes chapters on

ADME (drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination)

Pathways of biotransformation (Phase I and Phase II metabolic reactions)

Enzymatic systems involved in biotransformation

Induction and inhibition of drug-metabolising enzymes

Factors that influence drug biotransformation

The role of pharmacogenetics

Drug-drug interactions and adverse reactions

Strategies for drug design.

This book is ideally suited as an advanced text for courses in drug metabolism for students of medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, biochemistry; and for courses in drug design and drug delivery for students of medicinal chemistry. It is also appropriate for professional seminars or courses that relate to the fate of a drug in the body, drug interactions, adverse reactions and drug design.

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