Grumman F9F-6/7/8 Cougar Pt.1 Cover

Grumman F9F-6/7/8 Cougar Pt.1

ISBN/ASIN: 0942612663,9780942612660 | 2001 | English | pdf | 89/93 pages | 57.9 Mb
Publisher: Ginter Books | Author: Corky Meyer

The contract for the new Grumman Cougar (G-93) was signed on March 2, 1951. The first flight of the XF9F-6 Cougar was on September 20, 1951.

When Grumman and the Navy first discussed the Panther, both parties had privy to the Navy Technical Team findings in German WW-II research immediately after the war and the fact that many of the top German fighter designers had "migrated" to our new enemy, Russia. This information put firm emphasis on the greater critical Mach number with the swept wing over a convention straight-wing fighter for both the U.S. and the USSR.

Grumman F9F-6/7/8 Cougar Pt.1

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