Sky Vistas: Astronomy for Binoculars and Richest-Field Telescopes Cover

Sky Vistas: Astronomy for Binoculars and Richest-Field Telescopes

ISBN/ASIN: 9783211008515,9783709106266,3211008519 | 2004 | English | pdf | 286/329 pages | 259 Mb
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Wien | Author: Craig Crossen, Gerald Rhemann (auth.) | Edition: 1

galactic perspective." Much of the pleasure of Sky Vistas is an astronomy guidebook for both astronomical observing comes from "looking" with active and "armchair" observers. First, it is a practical observing guide to the deep-sky objects the mind as well as the eye. Thus Sky Vistas describes how the naked-eye appearance of the that are visible in low-power, wide-field instruments MilkyWay itselfrelates to the spiral structure of our like binoculars and richest-field telescopes (RFTs). Galaxy in the vicinity of the Sun, how the familiar Second, it is a reader's guide to how the familiar bright nebulae and open clusters are distributed bright nebulae and star clusters along the Milky Way "trace" the spiral arms in the Sun's vicinity, along our Milky Way Galaxy's spiral arms in the neighborhood of the Sun, and to how the brightest and how the eyepiece appearance ofindividual open clusters relates to their age and (as a consequence) galaxies are distributed with respect to our Milky to where they are with respect to the spiral arms. Way Galaxy and to the Local Galaxy Group of And galaxies are discussed in their actual physical which our Milky Way is a member. Not many observing guides have been written groupings, and their eyepiece appearances are expressly for binoculars and small richest-field tele­ related to their true structures.

Sky Vistas: Astronomy for Binoculars and Richest-Field Telescopes

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