Forensic Autopsy  A Handbook and Atlas Cover

Forensic Autopsy: A Handbook and Atlas

ISBN/ASIN: 9781439800645,1439800642 | 2010 | English | pdf | xiii, 147/152 pages | 14.4 Mb
Publisher: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis | Author: Cristoforo Pomara, Steven B. Karch, Vittorio Fineschi

All too often, forensic pathologists perform autopsies that are limited only to the body parts that are suspect, leading to biased and inaccurate results. A correct diagnosis for cause of death can only be reached by a strict and systematic examination of the whole body. Providing a step-by-step, photo-assisted guide to complete autopsy procedures, Forensic Autopsy: A Handbook and Atlas commands the field in offering the most advanced and complete resource of its kind.

Packed with more color photos than any other leading autopsy reference, this volume explores:
— External cadaver examination
— Organ removal methods
— Laboratory procedures
— Microscopy applications
— New imaging techniques
— Pediatric and fetal autopsy
— Pre- and postautopsy procedures
— Genetic disease and DNA diagnosis
— Autopsy protocol for the examination of the vertebral artery

From macroscopic to microscopic approaches, this volume provides detailed guidelines for performance of autopsy on every part of the human body. Using these standardized protocols and with the proper knowledge, training, and experience, pathologists can develop the skill needed to become experts in their field.

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