The Mystic Mind-Science and the Supernatural Cover

The Mystic Mind-Science and the Supernatural

ISBN/ASIN: 1904132510,9781904132516 | 2004 | English | pdf | 113/113 pages | 8.13 Mb
Publisher: Vision | Author: Crystal Love | Edition: 2

Drawing on previously unpublished as well as newly discovered scientific data, this crucial work provides proof that the supernatural exists in everyday life. Arguing that mainstream scientists have imposed parameters on the human mind, this revolutionary book presents a case for why unexplained mystical and supernatural events need to be seriously examined. Providing parallels between modern science, religion, and a variety of healing modalities, it provides evidence for the truths of telepathy, out-of-body and near-death experiences, reincarnation, hypnosis, astrology, and hands-on healing. Appealing to both believers and the skeptics, the evidence forces a rethinking of supernatural phenomena and offers research the mainstream scientific community cannot deny.

The Mystic Mind-Science and the Supernatural

Category: Religion

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