Organic Thin Films. Structure and Applications Cover

Organic Thin Films. Structure and Applications

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841235649,9780841216679,0841235643 | 1998 | English | pdf | 402/402 pages | 38.0 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: Curtis W. Frank (Eds.)

Content: Some emerging organic-thin-films technologies / J.D. Swalen —
From monolayers of a tethered polymer melt to freely suspended elastic membranes / Werner A. Goedel —
Pentaerythritol-based polyether dendrimers at the air-water interface / J.P. Kampf, T.L. Einloth, Curtis W. Frank, Yufei Li, Jae-Min Oh, and J.A. Moore —
Flow-induced deformation and relaxation processes of polydomain structures in Langmuir monolayer / Kang Sub Yim, Carlton F. Brooks, Gerald G. Fuller, Curtis W. Frank, and Channing R. Robertson —
Tuning the electronic properties of silicon via molecular self-assembly / Noemi Zenou, Alexander Zelichenok, Shlomo Yitzchaik, Rami Cohen, and David Cahen —
Composition of binary self-assembled monolayers of alkyltrichlorosilanes / Jean Y.M. Yang and Curtis W. Frank —
Orientations of liquid crystals on self-assembled monolayers formed from alkanethiols on gold / Nicholas L. Abbott, Vinay K. Gupta, William J. Miller, and Rahul R. Shah —
Polymer-supported biomembrane models / Claudia Heibel, Steffen Maus, Wolfgang Knoll, and Jürgen Rühe —
Methodologies and models of cross-linking polymerization in supramolecular assemblies / Thomas M. Sisson, Henry G. Lamparski, Silvia Kölchens, Tina Peterson, Anissa Elayadi, and David F. O'Brien —
Factors influencing the layer thickness of poly-L-glutamates grafted from self-assembled monolayers / H. Menzel, A. Heise, Hyun Yim, M.D. Foster, R.H. Wieringa, and A.J. Schouten —
Chemical grafting of poly(L-glutamate) [gamma]-esters on silicon (100) surfaces by vapor polymerization of N-carboxy anhydride monomers / Ying-Chih Chang and Curtis W. Frank —
Quantum confinement effects in thin films of block conjugated copolymer heterostructures / X. Linda Chen and Samson A. Jenekhe —
Polystyrene-block-poly(2-cinnamoylethyl methacrylate) brushes / Guojun Liu —
Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett-Kuhn films of poly(vinylidene fluoride) and poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) alternated with poly(methyl methacrylate) or poly(octadecyl methacrylate) / Rigoberto C. Advincula, Wolfgang Knoll, Lev Blinov, and Curtis W. Frank —
The effect of ion type and ionic content on templating patterned ionic multilayers / Sarah L. Clark, Martha F. Montague, and Paula T. Hammond —
Organized multilayer films of charged organic latexes / V.N. Bliznyuk, A. Campbell, and V.V. Tsukruk —
Glass transition in ultrathin polymer films / Oswald Prucker, Stefan Christian, Harald Bock, Jürgen Rühe, Curtis W. Frank, and Wolfgang Knoll —
Design and synthesis of a perfluoroalkyldicyanovinyl-based nonlinear optical material for electrooptic applications / Fang Wang, Aaron W. Harper, Mingqian He, Albert S. Ren, Larry R. Dalton, Sean M. Garner, Araz Yacoubian, Antao Chen, and William H. Steier —
Progress toward the translation of large microscopic nonlinearities to large macroscopic nonlinearities in high-[mu-beta] materials / Mingqian He, Jingsong Zhu, Aaron W. Harper, Sam-Shajing Sun, Larry R. Dalton, Sean M. Garner, Antao Chen, and William H. Steier —
Nonlinear optical films from pairwise-deposited semiionomeric syndioregic polymers / M.J. Roberts, J.D. Stenger-Smith, P. Zarras, R.A. Hollins, M. Nadler, A.P. Chafin, K.J. Wynne, and G.A. Lindsay —
Thermoset second-order nonlinear optical materials from a trifunctionalized chromophore / Youn Soo Ra, Shane S.H. Mao, Bo Wu, Lan Guo, Larry R. Dalton, Antao Chen, and William H. Steier —
Polymer structural effects on sub-transition temperature light-induced molecular movement in high-temperature nonlinear optical azo-polyimides / Zouheir Sekkat, André Knoesen, Victor Y. Lee, Robert D. Miller, Jonathan Wood, and Wolfgang Knoll —
The influence of the molecular structure on the second-order nonlinear optical properties of pyroelectric liquid crystalline polymers / M. Trollsås, F. Sahlén, P. Busson, J. Örtegren, U.W. Gedde, A. Hult, M. Lindgren, D. Hermann, P. Rudquist, L. Komitov, B. Stebler, and S.T. Lagerwall —
Optical dispersion properties of tricyanovinylaniline polymer thin films for ultrashort optical pulse diagnostics / Ph. Prêtre, E. Sidick, L.-M. Wu, A. Knoesen, D.J. Dyer, and R.J. Twieg —
Mechanistic studies of chemically amplified resists / W. Hinsberg, G. Wallraff, F. Houle, M. Morrison, J. Frommer, R. Beyers, and J. Hutchinson —
The effect of macromolecular architecture on the thin film aqueous base dissolution of phenolic polymers for microlithography / G.G. Barclay, M. King, A. Orellan, P.R.L. Malenfant, R. Sinta, E. Malmstrom, H. Ito, and C.J. Hawker —
Polymeric organic-inorganic hybrid nanocomposites / J.L. Hedrick, R.D. Miller, D. Yoon, H.J. Cha, H.R. Brown, S.A. Srinivasan, R. Di Pietro, V. Flores, J. Hummer, R. Cook, E. Liniger, E. Simonyi, and D. Klaus.

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