An Introduction to Human Physiology Cover

An Introduction to Human Physiology

ISBN/ASIN: 9780852000489,9789401023498 | 1973 | English | pdf | 176/174 pages | 6.83 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: D. F. Horrobin (auth.) | Edition: 1

to Human Physiology D. F. Horrobin Published by MTP Press Limited SI. Leonard's House, Lancaster, England Copyright © 1973, D. F. Horrobin ISBN-13: 978. . ()-85200-048-9 e-ISBN-13: 978-94-010-2349-8 001: 10. 1007/978-94-010-2349-8 First pUblished 1973 No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publishers except for the quotation of brief passages for the purpose of review Reprinted 1975 and 1976 by the Blackburn Times Press, Northgate, Blackburn BBZ lAB Contents Introduction 2 The Maintenance of a Constant Internal Environment 7 21 3 Biochemistry The Nervous System 45 4 The Endocrine System 5 79 The Body Fluids and Blood 6 93 7 Circulation 105 8 The Respiratory System 119 9 The Kidneys and Urinary Tract 129 10 The Alimentary Tract 137 11 The Reproductive System 145 12 Responses of the Whole Body 159 An Introduction to Human Physiology Author's Preface In many fie1dliof study it is difficult to understand the sig­ nificance of the part before one understands the whole. Yet one cannot understand the whole without a prior understanding of the parts. The dilemma is one of the most difficult problems to be solved by the teacher and in no subject is it more important than in physiology. In physiology more than in most subjects the part serves the whole and the whole serves the parts in an extraordinarily intimately integrated manner.

An Introduction to Human Physiology

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