Qualitative Reasoning About Physical Systems Cover

Qualitative Reasoning About Physical Systems

ISBN/ASIN: 9780444876706,9780444599216,0444599215 | 1984 | English | pdf | 491/491 pages | 56.2 Mb
Author: D.G. Bobrow (Eds.)

This volume brings together current work on qualitative reasoning. Its publication reflects the maturity of qualitative reasoning as a research area and the growing interest in problems of reasoning about physical systems. The papers present knowledge bases for a number of very different domains, including heat flow, transistors, and digital computation. A common theme of all these papers is explaining how physical systems work. An important shared criterion is that the behavioral description must be compositional, that is the description of a system's behavior must be derivable from the structure of the system. This material should be of interest to anyone concerned with automated reasoning about the real (physical) world. Read more…

Qualitative Reasoning About Physical Systems

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