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222 Free Things To Do In The United Kingdom

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Author: Daniel Davidson | Edition: 2014

England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. The seat of Western civilization and one of the most popular travel destinations in the world…but wow is the United Kingdom EXPENSIVE!

So, how can you see this diverse, energetic, historic yet modern region without paying through the nose?

Did you know the famed Edinburgh Castle, a national symbol of Scotland (which usually costs £16.00 to enter), is free several days throughout the year?

Turns out that the U.K. is literally overflowing with free activities, destinations, events, and music, festivals, and more. And that’s what this book is all about: having a good time without spending a dime.

Liverpool for museums. Edinburgh for festivals. Armagh for public art (and the Gargoyle trail). There is so many free things to do in the United Kingdom that you can stretch your travel budget across four countries – if you know where to look!

While thousands of tourists might spend the afternoon at the gates of Buckingham palace waiting for the changing of the guard, you could be in the know, doing 100% FREE, yet culturally rewarding, activities such as:

• Learn to write your name in Ogham, the earliest form of Irish

• Scottish parliament and debates

• A British Army museum formed in response to Napoleon

• First edition of Gulliver’s Travels in Northern Ireland’s oldest library

• Views from the second highest church tower in England

• Lunchtime recitals at a tiny medieval church

• Specimens from Captain James Cook’s voyages

• Free comedy night at local pubs

• Party at The City of London Festival


This book is not about discount travel. It’s about FREE travel.

1) It only includes free activities, events, locations & attractions

2) it’s exclusively formatted for the Kindle and Kindle App

3) It’s interactive, so you can easily access directions from your current location, reviews from other travelers, and more information entries in the book.


This e-guidebook grew out of the second edition of the Amazon best selling Free Travel Guide To London (ASIN: B009KVPCI0). Readers had been asking me for more free attractions across the U.K., and I realized that there was demand for an expanded book.

Inside you’ll find two books filled with attractions that are always free, sometimes free, or free for certain people. The first half includes 103 free things to do in the U.K. The second half is a full reproduction of The Free Travel Guide To London, with 119 free attractions.

Each entry has a well-researched description, contact information (email, phone, website), and links to contextual information. Color photos too!

It works great with the Kindle App for your smartphone, so you can get directions from Google.

There’s an interactive map, showing you all the free activities and an appendix with free trip planning tools, apps, etc.


Book 1: 103 Free Things To Do In The U.K.


Interactive Map

Free Museums

Free Art, Literature, and Architecture

Free Outdoor Activities

Free Kids and Family Activities

Free Transportation

Free Festivals & Parades

Free Tours and Walks

Quick Reference By City (excluding London)

Appendix: Free Information For Planning Your Trip

About The Author

Book 2: 119 Free Things To Do In London


Interactive Map

Free Music, Theater, and Dance

Free Museums

Free Outdoor Activities

Free Kids Activities

Free Art, Lit, and Architecture

Free Transportation and Parking

Free Attractions, Activities & Entertainment

Free Festivals and Parades

Free Tours

Flea Markets and Window Shopping

Other Free Stuff

Free Trip Planning & Traveler Resources

About The Author


Thanks to many loyal readers who email me when information changes and when they find free activities, this book is constantly being updated.

Enjoy the U.K. spending nothing but time. For a limited time, this book

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