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Transport Analysis

ISBN/ASIN: 9781461344865,9781461344841 | 1974 | English | pdf | 354/357 pages | 6.87 Mb
Publisher: Springer US | Author: Daniel Hershey (auth.) | Edition: 1

It has been my experience in teaching graduate and undergraduate courses that if the students are conversant with the pertinent mathematical proce­ dures, and can "think mathematically," there is almost no limit to their comprehension. Most courses that are considered difficult by students are either poorly taught or require a degree of mathematical sophistication that the students do not possess. In Transport Analysis, J have culled some basic momentum transport (fluid flow) and mass transport phenomena and explicitly revealed the derivation of the governing equations. There is no mystery, no omitted steps or "it can be shown" phrases that are usually the bane of the student. There are chapters that review basic calculus, vector and matrix concepts, Laplace transform operations, and finite difference calculus. Ordinary dif­ ferential and partial differential equations are derived and solved. This book is intended for undergraduates and graduate students in engineering, chemistry, physics, and even biology and medicine. It is also intended for my non-engineering colleagues with whom I have collaborated during our cooperative research in the life sciences. If they knew what is contained in Transport Analysis, they probably wouldn't need me. v Acknowledgments To Barbara and Michael, who helped keep me alert, happy, and ful­ filled. To Barbara, who deserves belated thanks for doing the drawings in E1'eryday Science. To Anne Hagedorn, thanks for doing some of the typing. To Gerry Denterlein, thanks for keeping tabs on the drawings.

Transport Analysis

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