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VMware View Security Essentials

ISBN/ASIN: 1782170081,9781782170082 | 2013 | English | pdf | 130/130 pages | 7.35 Mb
Publisher: Packt Publishing | Author: Daniel Langenhan

Most people associate security with network security and focus on firewalls and network monitoring. However, there is more to security than that. Security starts with the establishment of a stable environment, protecting this environment not only from intrusion, but also from malicious intent. It is about tracking the issue and recovering from it. These elements of security are what this book aims to address. What this book covers Chapter 1, Introduction to View, gives a short overview of what a typical View environment contains as well as de୸nitions of all the technical terms we will be using. Chapter 2, Securing Your Base, explains that a VMware virtual machine image is hardware independent, replacing the physical corporate desktops with thin clients makes changes to the corporate desktop image a lot easier as well as centralizing the management of it. This centralization also creates the need to rethink provisioning and redundancy compared to the traditional IT methods. As everyone who uses a vDesktop is now dependent on the centralized virtual environment, it is of the upmost importance that this infrastructure is safe and available. We will discuss how to harden the View servers and integrate them into the existing VMware vSphere settings, such as HA, DRS, and event monitoring. We will also take a bit of time to understand how View log୸les work and how to read them. Chapter 3, Securing the Connection, explains that corporate working environments are not limited to one site and it becomes more and more important for personnel to work from other places than the of୸ce. In being able to operate in the new mobile world it is even more important to secure your environment against intrusion. This chapter focuses on network security like rewalls, DMZ deployments, and user authentication. Chapter 4, Securing the Client, addresses the issue of securing the client which most corporations ୸nd critical. Most corporate data theft comes from within the organization not from external threats and data theft. This means not only the control of who is able to log into what is of importance, but also addressing the usage of USB devices that can be used to extract corporate data. Chapter 5, Backup and Recovery, deals with fundamental things that most people dont associate with security, but which still is of the upmost importance. Backup and estore of the VMware View environment itself is explained in this chapter.

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