Psycholinguistics  Language, Mind, and World Cover

Psycholinguistics: Language, Mind, and World

ISBN/ASIN: 0582039495,9780582039490 | 2001 | English | pdf | 465/465 pages | 131 Mb
Publisher: Taylor & Francis / Routledge | Author: Danny D. Steinberg, Hiroshi Nagata, David P. Aline | Edition: 2nd

How do we learn to produce and comprehend speech? How does language relate to thought?
This second edition of the successful text Psycholinguistics- Language, Mind and World considers the psychology of language as it relates to learning, mind and brain as well as various aspects of society and culture. Current issues and research topics are presented in an in-depth manner, although little or no specific knowledge of any topic is presupposed.
The book is divided into four main parts:
First Language Learning Second Language Learning Language, Mind and Brain Mental Grammar and Language Processing
These four sections include chapters covering areas such as- deaf language education, first language acquisition and first language reading, second language acquisition, language teaching and the problems of bilingualism.
Updated throughout, this new edition also considers and proposes new theories in psycholinguistics and linguistics, and introduces a new theory of grammar, Natural Grammar, which is the only current grammar that is based on the primacy of the psycholinguistic process of speech comprehension, derives speech production from that process.
Written in an accessible and fluent style, Psycholinguistics- Language, Mind and World will be of interest to students, lecturers and researchers from linguistics, psychology, philosophy and second language teaching.

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