Nutrient management for energy efficiency Cover

Nutrient management for energy efficiency

ISBN/ASIN: 9781420092707,1420092707 | 2011 | English | pdf | 592/444 pages | 34.2 Mb
Publisher: CRC Press | Author: David Clay

Content: Introduction: scale of the problem, impact of nutrient management on energy efficiency, the relationship between energy efficiency and production efficiency Calculating energy efficiency Obtaining critical information Defining field boundaries Obtaining digital information, remote sensing, soils, yield monitor data Manure management P index relationship to energy and water quality efficiency P management zones Manure impacts on carbon, N, and water budgets Water management Relationship between water and energy efficiency Water and nutrient management-irrigation planning Water and nutrient management for ethanol production Matching crops, landscape positions, and nutrient management Landscape planning for improved water use efficiency Legumes and cover crops Crop residue harvesting impacts Nitrogen Relationship between N and energy efficiency Real-time management vs. mapped management, Remote sensing- Ground-based sensor technology vs. aerial or satellite imagery Model-based recommendations Nutrient removal based recommendation. Delta-yield based N recommend

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Category: Engineering

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