Wildlife of the Mexican Caribbean Cover

Wildlife of the Mexican Caribbean

ISBN/ASIN: N/A | 2013 | English | mobi | 183/0 pages | 22.3 Mb
Publisher: David A. Nuñez | Author: David Nuñez

This colorful picture ID guide to over 170 plants and animals of the Mexican Caribbean is a wonderful introduction to the wildlife you are most likely to encounter on your next vacation in Mexico- whether diving, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, strolling through your hotel gardens, or just relaxing at the beach.

Biologist David A. Nuñez will introduce you to: the largest fish on the planet, a monkey with no thumbs, a bird that spends days in flight, the fastest lizard in the world, a bird that uses tools, a lizard with no eyelids, and many more extraordinary creatures.

Proceeds from this book benefit environmental conservation and education projects in Mexico.

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