Addictive Behaviors in Women Cover

Addictive Behaviors in Women

ISBN/ASIN: 9781461266983,9781461202998 | 1994 | English | pdf | 526/527 pages | 23.7 Mb
Publisher: Humana Press | Author: Deborah L. Haller, Charlene Woodard Motley (auth.), Ronald R. Watson (eds.) | Edition: 1

In Addictive Behaviors in Women, leading experts from psychiatry, psychology, sociology, and social work concisely review the addictive process and the characteristic behaviors of women who are dependent on alcohol and/or drugs. Topics include why women smoke, the role of personality in female addiction, sexuality issues in chemically dependent women, dieting and alcohol use in women, alcohol's role in sexual assault, and the impact of drug abuse on the family and pregnancy.

Addictive Behaviors in Women illuminates the causes and effects of the many lifestyle decisions women make that lead to addiction to drugs, work, sex, gambling, or to any of the many other elective aspects of our lives. It shows how addictive decisions can be avoided and/or treated, thereby making women's lives safer, more productive, and healthier.

Addictive Behaviors in Women

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